ZUCKERBERG BOILING: Jim Jordan Puts Him In The Crosshairs Over Burying Hunter Laptop Story

All the speculations about Hunter Biden’s laptop were real!

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But, the MSM didn’t want to cover that story and initially reported it was Russian disinformation.

However, they can’t hide that anymore.

Jim Jordan raised his voice on this:

Stuart Varney: Congressman, did the media and social media suppress the Hunter Biden story deliberately?

Jim Jordan: Yeah, well, of course, they did. I mean, look, the laptop was real. The emails were real. The eyewitness Tony Bobulinski was real. The only thing fake and about a year and a half ago was the news. You’re exactly right. Big Tech, big Democrat Party, and big media all colluded to keep critical information from the American people in the run up to the most important election we have, the presidential election.

So we’re launching an investigation because the real thing here was how Facebook and Twitter suppressed this information. What did they know? Who were they talking to? That’s what our letters that just went out today to Facebook and Google saying, Tell us on Twitter, excuse me, tell us what, what you knew? Who you were talking with? Why you made this decision? Because we now know, according to The Post, according to the New York Times, something we knew a year and a half ago that this stuff was as real as it gets.

Stuart Varney: Now we’re talking influence peddling here at the very highest level. Is President Biden, Vice President Biden in those days, is he drawn directly into it?

Jim Jordan: Well, remember the email 10% for the big guy.

Stuart Varney: That’s it.

Jim Jordan: Remember, the big guy slash Joe Biden, the big guy that now President of the United States, he’s also the one who fired or pushed for the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was starting to look into Burisma, the company that was paying Hunter, so I think that fact pattern warrants investigation. Maybe that’s what the FBI is looking into. We don’t know. We know that the Justice Department’s looking at the tax issue. That’s been reported. Whether they look into that, we’re not sure, but Hunter Biden took money from the wife of the mayor of Moscow, took money from Burisma, the Ukrainian company energy company, and took money from companies with connections to the Chinese Communist Party. That in and of itself is scary enough and warrants an investigation. So we’ll have to see how far it goes. Who’s all connected, but we know his uncle, and we know the President was the big guy mentioned in that now somewhat famous email.

People commented online:

“True! Something really needs to be done about the collusion between MSNBC, CNN, ABCnews, Facebook, NYT, Twitter, and Google.”

“They suppressed not just the Biden story of corruption, they suppressed health data that could have saved people, they continue to suppress definitive proof of election fraud. They have cheated a country of facts which has had severe consequences for the people. These people belong in cells, at the very least. The crimes are severe enough to warrant severe punishment.”

“Don’t forget how Adam Schiff lied lied lied about Russia. He needs to be investigated too.”

“I no longer trust the FBI, the Justice Department, fake news, social media, and all these RINOS. The only one I trust is God to expose all of the evil and corruption. I’m appalled at how nothing is being done about all the corruption. No wonder why Biden recently signed a bill against Lynching. He knows he is in line!”

“Biden wanted to do away with Putin because Putin’s invasion is uncovering a lot of dirt on corrupt Biden and his corrupt son Hunter.”

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