YouTube Deletes The Interview With Bo Polny Where He Speaks About The Critical Dates!

Do you want to know the sign that shows how close you are to the truth?

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Do you want to know the sign that appears when you are too close for the Deep State’s comfort?

The sign is when you get deleted!

And that is what happened to the Daily Truth Reporter! They deleted his interview with Bo Polny shared on January 3, 2021!

You can take a look at the picture below. You can see the YouTube explanation about why they deleted the interview in the photo.

The authorities are raising panic because their nasty truth will appear on the surface. Everyone will know what they are doing!

Currently, the only thing that they can do is to ban or erase videos like this one!

But, sorry, YouTube! You are not the only place to keep and share our controversial videos.
We aren’t stupid!

So, if you are among those who haven’t see the interview with Bo Polny, you can see it on Rumble, too.
Bo is on to something, which is why YouTube doesn’t allow you to see it.

Below you can take a look at the video.

Once you watch the interview, maybe you would like to see what they did one week ago.

They talked about the events on March 4/6 and April 23/26.
Also, below you can see what Bo sent one week ago.

‘’Next big time point potentially could be this coming Saturday, March 6. It should be an important time point as it’s 1260 days exactly from revelation 12 sign, “The woman returns” we will soon know what that means.
A Biden March war is coming and the fall of the world’s reserve currency!!’’

Bo always claims that we cannot know what could possibly happen in the future. He only observes the cycles and predicts the significant dates.

In case you don’t understand this article, it means you haven’t seen the Bo interview.

It is fascinating and amusing. Many things will be more evident in your head once you watch the whole video.

You can hear about war and the dollar crash in the interview, but you can also hear much more exciting information like $200,000 bitcoin, silver, etc.

Among which you will hear about Trump’s RETURN!

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