You Won’t Believe What’s Happening in Joe’s DC “Militarized Zone” Now (Photos)

How much lower will Democrats allow this to go? DC now looks like the Hunger Games in downtown LA!

Americans have never felt more uncomfortable in their own country.

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We keep hearing about some “phantom threats”, and things keep getting stranger, so all of this looks pretty much staged.

Yet, it is frightening to see the DC with the “Hunger Games” militarized-zone!

Our city is occupied like it’s a village in Afghanistan!

And nobody knows why they are even there!

Apart from watching the military zone in DC, millions of Americans know that the election was ripe with fraud, and the Democrats are rolling back the United States to 2009-levels, so things are way out of control.

However, things are about to get creepier!

Apparently, next to the military fences, a huge new homeless camp has popped up!

Just outside the razorwire fencing, many homeless are doing drugs out in the open.

Drugs and despair..that was exactly what the military zone was missing!

DC has officially become “Hunger Games in LA.”

Upon arriving in DC, Daily Caller journalist David Hookstead discovered the drug-riddled homeless camp and snapped some pics.

David said:

“Just arrived at the U.S. Capitol. Military lockdown is still upon us. Massive trucks everywhere, military members patrolling, and razor-sharp wire to keep people far away.

Right across the street 15 feet away is a massive homeless camp with people doing drugs out in the open. Our tax dollars at work. Citizens kept away from the Capitol using military force as homeless people overrun the neighborhoods doing drugs.”

The Dems are about to permanently change our country for the worst.

As their party inches closer and closer to full-blown communism, our homes will turn to Mother Russia-like cities, full of fences, huge military trucks, and poverty-stricken people living in tents.

Plus, the government advises you not to hug your parents, and what about COVID restrictions within the homeless camp in the military zone?

The Dems have sucked the life out of America.

We are lost, our values are lost, the joy, patriotism, dream, and American spirit are all gone!

The real threat to America is not from outside, it is right here in front of our faces. America will soon be gone unless we find a way to defeat the Democrat Party.

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