You Won’t Believe It…Those Jinxed Texas Dems Just Took Another Brutal Hit…

The wayward buffoons receive a headshot with a new karma shovel every single day. In the ‘’Karma Backlash’’ scheme, Chrissy Teigen was the champion. However, things are different, and I think the first place is taking the Texas Democrats.

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They represent a group of wayward buffoons that get smacked in the face with a new karma shovel daily!

Their ‘’Swamp trip’’ has to be awarded as ‘’WORST PR STUNT.’’

From the public backlash to threats of jail and the force to pay back taxpayers to COVID-positive test, I simply believe that the Dems would prefer they would have stayed at home!

Also, the number, three positive vaccinated cases is fake. In fact, there are five Texas vaccinated Dems that tested positive for COVID-19.

We aren’t conspiracy theorists, but if we were, I would have said that the vaccinated Dems would push the Delta Variant narrative, spread more fear, and promote the vaccination process.

See how strong this Delta Variant is? It can’t be stopped by the first vaccine. You need the booster shot, or you will DIIIIEEEEEE”  

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