You Think You Know Ted Cruz, Right? Well, You’ve Never Seen Him Like THIS…(Video)

Ted Cruz is known as the smart, snarky, funny, yet sort of “stiff” Texas Senator, but he transformed himself and revealed his passionate side that we haven’t been familiar with until now.

And it is a hell of a passionate one …Ted was spitting fire, indeed.


It all happened when he was going back and forth with AG Secretary Vilsak.

He went up to another level – he channeled his inner “America First” warrior and came out fighting “Trump-style.”

It was really something special to witness.

And, to add to the festivities, Cruz also succeeded to get Vilsak to admit the truth:

The communist left doesn’t care at all about the US people.

Their only goal is stealing our tax money to pay for their new “illegal” voting base.

Democrats don’t care about overcrowded schools and overflowing hospitals, and escalating crime rates that impact the middle-class population. The only thing that matters to them is power.

Well, Ted’s not gonna take it … and he reminded the room exactly who he is, and who he isn’t when he dropped this little bomb:

“Let me be clear, I’m not Lindsey Graham. I understand that there have been Democrats and Republicans who support amnesty. I ain’t one of them.”

Ouch, sorry Lindsey, but he’s got the point there.

Check it out:

This is the Ted we all like and support.

And this is the GOP that we need … passion, heat, and no holds barred.



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