Yet Another Bizarre “Story Change” In The Deadly “Rust” Drama

It’s a big mystery

Alec Baldwin killed someone. He is still free. The “Rust” murder will probably go unpunished. As usual. Someone said assistant director David Halls gave Baldwin a “cold” gun. We all know what happened next. Court documents from witnesses suing the actor and others say that Baldwin pointed his gun towards the victim and pulled the trigger. He wasn’t even supposed to hold the gun.

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Baldwin changed his story during his ABC interview. He even said that he had never pulled the trigger.

Halls was sued as well. Now he supports Baldwin.

Lisa Torraco, Halls’ attorney said that his client had never given Baldwin the gun. The assistant director didn’t collaborate with investigators. A judge forced him to do so.

The New York Post reported that Halls will have to have his interview with state investigators as ruled by the judge.

On Friday, New Mexico District Court Judge Bryan Biedscheid granted a request from the Occupational Health and Safety Bureay of the Environment Department to issue Halls a subpoena as confirmed by local outlets.

Investigators have already explained that Halls “grabbed” the weapon from a cart, saying “cold gun.” According to him, the gun was safe and ended up in Baldwin’s hands.

Investigators added that Halls didn’t know that the gun was loaded. In the interview with Fox News, Torraco denied that Halls had handed the weapon to the actor.

“This idea my client grabbed the gun and handed it to Baldwin absolutely did not happen,” she said, before dodging follow-up questions from host Martha MacCallum.

“The armorer brought the weapon in,” Torraco said. “The armorer opens the firearm… [Halls] didn’t load it.”

What really happened that day?

A woman died and no one wants to take responsibility for her death.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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