World Leader Says We Might Be Wearing Masks For Years

Do you hear this?

Well, the WHO’s leader stated that we might be wearing masks for the rest of our lives??? Is this even real?

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Since 2019 we have been in the middle of the leading pandemic! Now, the world is in another phase, with new rules and people have to get used to them. Almost two years have passed, and we are still wearing masks, and the WHO leaders state that we may wear masks many years more.

Toner is a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and a world leader in pandemic preparedness. He stated:

“The US response has been extraordinarily disappointing and wrongheaded,” he said. “Whenever there’s been an opportunity to do the right thing, we seem to have done the wrong thing. The US has to recognize that it is competing for the first or second position of the worst affected country in the world.”

Dr. Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer, commented on this issue and said that We might be wearing masks for years.

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