Woman Warns The World How Covid Vaccine Destroyed Her Life [VIDEO]

COVID-19 jabs are no good…

We knew this from the very first moment globalists introduced jabs as the only solution to the pandemic. The pandemic they came up with. They threw a manmade virus among us and killed millions of people. This virus destroyed our economy. Our future is in danger.

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COVID-19 forced us to stay inside our homes and away from our families. We weren’t allowed to see our loved ones.

So, yes, jabs were introduced. These vaccines left people paralyzed. Pretty much every recipient developed serious side effects.

Now we have the testimony of a woman who was told to buy expensive medication to treat her post-vaccine condition. She spent $1,164 to buy some of her medication. It’s a medication she didn’t need prior to getting the vaccine.

She kept her eczema under control for 29 years. Everything changed in 2020. She got her first jab and her skin condition got worse. This woman was told to use medication used by cancer patients.

This facial outbreak is horrible. Does it get any worse than this? This poor lady just wants to go back to her old self.

“The truth is banned.” Simple as that. People aren’t allowed to talk about their side effects. Anthony Fraudci will never admit that COVID jabs can kill someone or leave them with facial outbreak. Vaccines helped him and his friends earn a lot of money, remember? Why would they admit the truth when it goes really well for them? COVID is a good business and they will milk this cow forever.

Watch the video here.

Remember when Joe Biden said he would introduce new COVID mandates? It’s all part of the plan. They will proceed with their plan as long as you obey their rules. It’s time to break the cycle and fight for a better future.

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