Woman Called Biden A Pedophile! ‘’Where Are The Children?’’ [WATCH]

Joe Biden was asking for it

Parents can no longer stay quiet. This man crossed the red line again and one woman had the courage to call him a pedophile. The woman also asked, “Where are the children?” The incident took place on Wednesday in a stop in Mayfield, Kentucky.

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It was really awkward.

Freedom News shared the video online. The woman called the so-called President a pedophile over and over again.

Biden was really busy talking to a boy during the event.

People in Mayfield weren’t too happy about Biden’s visit.

One man yelled, ‘’Are you gonna help us, Joe?”

“This is our family,” a woman added.

“Please, help Mayfield.”

Other people weren’t too polite.

“What the f*** are you here for?”

It’s time to get this man a room in a nursing home.

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Source: The True Defender


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