Will You Get The COVID Vaccine? Here’s What You Told Us…

COVID-19 vaccines are here, but people won’t take them

Wonder why?

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Sane people would never let someone inject mysterious liquid into their bodies. Simple as that.

This poll said it all.

NATIONAL POLL: Will You Get The COVID Vaccine?

The results are here…

Over 5,000 people spoke their minds on COVID jabs. Will you get the vaccine?

About 2.1% chose “Other” and offered an explanation.

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Only if it becomes a requirement for work.
No way in HELL, they will have to jab my corpse!
I will not
I got it, still not sure, may have just been water ?
Hell NO and neither will my children!!
They won’t succeed in pining me down, I will fight them off !!!!
Never will allow them to put that poison anywhere near me.
I’ve been outfitted with a state of the art Immune System by haShem, therefore I fear not.
I will be identifying as Vaccinated
Only if I have to get vaccinated to travel to Sweden to see my family and maybe not even then
Hell no and HELL NO
I still have ammo…so no the bullets haven’t started yet…so NO!
JFK Jr, said dont take it under any circumstances, and hes not the only one, countless non-mainstream or real doctors warn against it, and it just seems plain ovbious, its easy to see through the demonic darkness
I’m Immune Already and don’t need it.
I’ll shoot you if you TRY to give me the DEATH DART!
Hell to the fuck Nawl I’m not dumb the government has never wanted American citizens to be smart heathy or powerful
I have and still not sure
No. Ne need as I’ve already had covid and now have natural immunity which is stronger/safer than being vaccinated.
FUCK NO, I’d rather die then live in America under those restrictions. I won’t an NEVER will COMPLY to their insane EVIL! I have God to protect me and my Savior Jesus Christ!!
I will die first, and I will take many more of THEM with me when I do. FORCE this on me or my family and find out where hell is.
I’m waiting for the Plant based Medicago serum which so far has not shown adverse blood clotting like others.
No, I will not take the vaccine. Too many contradictions about that subject.
I will Not get the vaccine. It causes blood clots, suppresses the red blood cells and causes your immune system to break down. And that has been proven along with a lot of other side effects and a lot of deaths. This is my body and I will not have that deadly serum injected into my body. The Constitution of the United States is our law not this communist government that is trying to destroy our wonderful United States of America. So Americans just keep that in mind we do not have to do what these commies in our government are telling us to do. The Constitution stands!
Never!! No matter what!
I don’t want the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna
That’s my business!!!
No Way In HELL under any circumstances. Fuck the Vaccine!
No way in Hell they’ll have to kill me first but not before I take a few of the commie tyrants with me
Fuck your vaccine. I’d rather be skinned alive.
No way in HELL! They will have to kill me!
I had Covid-19 and I lived! Natural immunity
No side effects are not worth risk
No, NO, and HELL NO!
I feel like I have no choice if I want to travel.
Never! Anyone trying to vaccinate me against my will had better dig their graves first!
I’ve got natural immunity because I had covid. My doctor checks every month
Once it is properly tested and approved by FDA
I won’t get it because I’ve done my homework & research & know EXACTLY what this so called vaccine is. Its NOT a vaccine & should NOT be injected into ANYBODY. It WILL cause blood clots & health issues & death. EVERYONE needs to watch this FIRST & then they will KNOW the TRUTH:
Hell no not dont trust it mockingbird
We have had Covid and feel that we are immune
I have it but do not know if did any good.
Fuck no….
Any attempt to forcibly jab me, is a deliberate attempt to MURDER!
No, and FUCK JOE! I have a better vacinas for these idiots, comes in lead and lots of different sizes; you can get a light dose, orca really heavy one if you really want peace. It’s eternal BTW!. FUCK THEM ALL!
definitely not
Already had covid. Actual science has already demonstrated that natural immunity occurs afterwards. I will refuse ANY vaccine for Covid.
nope they will have to shoot me first
no i will not i have rights God gave them to me
I am not getting the vaccine.
I have to get it because I work at Georgetown University other wise I would not get it
Intubated at age 17, life saving procedure.  Had pneumonia 3 times.  No way am I getting vaccine that causes blood cots and lung congestion.  82 year old lady.
I have, but now feel concerned
THEY can jab my COLD DEAD ARM as they remove my AR, BRING IT BITCHES!!!!
If they had threatened us first I almost refused anyway but I sure wouldn’t have gotten it.   TELL THEM TO GO-TO-HELL!
They will have to kill me first, then it won’t matter
I reckon not, Josey Wales
Can’t for medical reasons
I got the damned shot. To HELL with the mask NAZIS!!
in 5 years if proven worth it
Doctor told me not to get it
Ask God if you should have the jib and if so, which
NO to Never, biden/harris can do what they will after I’m dead
He’ll no and if they physically force the jab they will pay the ultimate price for so doing
When FDA approves.
No – I LOVE TRUMP – But I have never been vaccinnated in my live nor ever been ill. Well nearly.
I have a psoriasis and take methotrexate which says I could have a flair up because of vacine
No Thank youVaccine is Monster evil.
Only if forced in order to fly to Granddaughters wedding
I am a healthy 88year old, so why would I take something that would change that, anyway my days are numbered and when GOD gets ready to take me home , I will go.
They will have to kill me first if they do they better pray to God I don’t get up
No way. They would have to kill me first.
Not anytime soon
Had Covid and chose to take IVERMECTIN as a true preventitive.
I have autoamunes that exclude me
Just ABSOLUTELY NOT taking a vaccine.
I won’t let anyone pin me down!
fuck no!
Had it. Not sure about it. Don’t want it for kids.
I’ve already had the real Covid-19, why would I need the Jab?
I cannot get it per my Physician due to my autoimmune disease I have
Too great a risk. This is a Turbo powered flu shot and I can’t take those.
I got the first one and got sick 2 days later with covid. Same thing happened to my neighbor a month later. Didn’t feel right about it at the time and ony got it to appease my kids.
under medical care for an eye infection, NO vaccines until my scratched cornea heals period
Hell No! And should anyone try to inject me with that poison I would shoot them first!                 I would shoot them!
No for me it’s simple why get vaccinated from COVID-19 when the death rate is less then 1%
Anyone who tries, WON’T survive the encounter…
Over my dead body, I will NOT take ANY vaccine!!!!!!!
in a year
My Body, MY Choice
Hell, no! I’ll take a bullet, thank you. “Give me liberty, or give me death!”
I will never get that stinking vaccine, they would have to kill me! Good luck with that
Haven’t yet , not sure if I will, leaning towards NO
Fuck you Joe
Natural Immunity – Had COVID-19
Will kill before getting the jab
The real medical experts are telling us that this “vaccine” is a nightmare.
Not yet. There seems to be a problem with everyone on the left pushing this or else attitude. Tyranny.  Where are the advocates and doctors for early treatment?
By grace and BLESSING of ALMiGHTY GOD I Davidriel join the United Kingdom of Great Britain a d Northern Ireland’s RAF than will probably be mandatory for me to get some kind of vaccine prayerfully fetus free
No, not until there is total transparency. Total transparency about the side effect, deaths and side effects.
Hell no and if forced there will be vengeance
No thank you. I’m leery concerning the effects. I’ll remain polite to the end.
No way!!!

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