Why Is MSM Keeping Quiet About The Latest Pfizer Data Dump?

The MSM silence 

A few months ago, one Trump-appointed judge asked Pfizer to share its data with the public. They kept telling us to trust the pharmaceutical companies and accept the bullying of politicians telling us to take it.

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The judge asked for a glimpse of the data that Pfizer didn’t want to share. The latest report showed shocking information gathered in 80,000 pages.

But the mainstream media are quiet about this!

Dr. Claire Craig on Twitter exposed the errors in the reports regarding the follow-up after the second dose of the shot. The post-treatment investigations have been completed by only a fraction of the test patients.

Another notice is the odd assortment of test patients they used for the study. 6=83% were White people, and Black or African Americans were only 9%. This can suppress the potential side effects of the shot on the minority population.

The dates also don’t add up. Maybe they have found a way to access a marvel-like multiverse where time and space fold on themselves:

The reporting was based on marketing literature, not on actual data.

Check this out too:

The tween didn’t age well. Isn’t it cute that the MSM have amnesia when talking about their misleading reporting?

One experimental drug with no long-term testing may not be safe for people and children to take it. But the government pushes it!

MSM couldn’t believe anyone would dare to question the integrity of a For-Profit, publically traded company whose crucial responsibility is to its shareholders, not the Americans.

The true conservatives still want to take a stand!

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