Why is Gov. Whitmer Trying to Hide? He Paid Top Health Official Massive Sum in Secret Deal After His Abrupt Resignation

News of the deal comes as Republicans demand an investigation into Whitmer’s pandemic response, particularly as it relates to nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) faces harsh criticism after her administration agreed to pay former state Health Department Director Robert Gordon over $150,000 in taxpayer money after he suddenly resigned his position in January.

It was reported that this deal was demanded to be confidential.

Gordon was allegedly paid $155,506, which involved nine months’ salary and health benefits, in agreement for releasing the state “from any potential legal claims.”

According to the Detroit News:

“The agreement is the clearest evidence yet that the split between Gordon … and Whitmer was not amicable, and it shows the Democratic administration used taxpayer funds to ease his departure.”

The deal was inked one month after he abruptly left his position, on Feb. 22.

The separation agreement required that, out of the interest of confidentiality, the state would tell Gordon’s future employers that he voluntarily resigned.

Yet, the actual reason for his resignation remains a mystery.

What is interesting is the fact that he resigned just hours after he signed a pandemic-related order allowing restaurants to begin offering indoor dining at reduced capacity.

Gordon was not present at the press conference that announced the resumption of indoor dining.

Gordon has been used by the Whitmer’s administration to issue its pandemic-related emergency orders as the Michigan Supreme Court ruled last October that Whitmer had violated the Michigan state constitution by continuing to issue highly restrictive COVID orders without it being approved by state lawmakers.

The secret deal is now used by Republicans to draw more attention to Whitmer’s handling of the pandemic.

Rep. Steve Johnson (R), chairman of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, said:

“We’re still investigating the things the Whitmer Administration has done during COVID in plain sight, when we find out about a secret payoff behind closed doors. While it doesn’t surprise me, the deception is shocking and shows how badly this Administration needs oversight so they can be held to account.”

Meanwhile, the Michigan Republican Party asks about the truth behind the secret deal. Ted Goodman, the spokesman for the Michigan GOP, said:

“Mr. Robert Gordon was the state’s health director and played an instrumental role in the state’s COVID-19 response. Michigan taxpayers deserve to know the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Mr. Gordon in the middle of a public health crisis.

Why is Gov. Whitmer refusing to explain this secret deal?” 

He tweeted:

“What is @GovWhitmer trying to hide?” 

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Source: www.foxnews.com

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