Who’s Cleaning The Voter Rolls? Soros Founded And Funded ERIC Is Now Used In 31 States!

Democrats tried to push their plan for too long

Far-left activists created ERIC to adjust voter rolls with their rules. ERIC was created in 2012 as a membership organization for blue States. Many would say it’s a left-wing voter registration drive represented as a voter roll cleanup.

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The Soros Open Society funded the “project.” This organization cleans voter rolls in 31 states. D.C. is part of the network, too.

The best election official from member states get a seat on the ERIC Board or becomes an Officer.

ERIC identified 17 million new voters for the 2020 presidential election which is the most in the history of this organization.

Member States have to submit the information on inactive/active voters to ERIC every couple of months. They should also give people in the State’s Motor Vehicle Department database licensed and I.D. recipients.

ERIC is responsible for these lists. The organization also gives Member States a list of people who aren’t registered to vote.

The Membership Bylaws need States to contact about 95% of people in 90 days. States are motivated to request ERIC’s voter updates each year. If members don’t make a request in 425 days, the data is sent automatically.

There’s more. ERIC doesn’t want to know who votes illegally.  The rules say that “Under no circumstances shall the members transmit any record indicating an individual is a non-citizen of the U.S.,” as stated in Exhibit A, 2b.

“That’s part of the smokescreen. ERIC learns who gets registered from their program, so they’re able to micro-target with whoever is partnered with ERIC. We don’t know who they’re interfacing all this data with. It could be Catalyst, the massive Democrat database organization. We just don’t know. I’ve talked to some ERIC Board Members who are Secretary of State. They don’t even know what ERIC is doing. They’ve asked questions and can’t get answers.”

An anonymous donor supported the ERIC and the Pew Center On The States. David Becker is a Democratic election attorney. He left the Justice Department to build the ERIC system.

Christian Adams from PILF explains: “The history of ERIC is important. Kansas State Cross Check was a group of States doing this for free. This caused leftists to go wild. They sued Cross-Check participant States, particularly Indiana, and got court orders to basically shut down Cross Check. There’s no longer a competitor to ERIC. Once this happened, red states started joining ERIC like G.A., FL, TX. This is what really opened the flood gates to ERIC’s power. If a State like Georgia wants to know who’s registered in both Louisiana and Georgia, there’s no one else.”

Mr. Adams also says: “One thing we do know is ERIC is hiding the facts about how States are making these decisions. It’s a system breakdown. It’s a leveraging of the power of who writes the rules. It’s not just outright cheating; it’s way more sophisticated involving who has power, who can see records, who gets to vote, and who are the observers. It’s (ERIC) a comprehensive suite manipulating the process. And it’s not always cheating. Sometimes it’s totally legal what they do.”

In 2016, leaks showed that Soros and the Rockefeller Family Fund made changes to voter registration policies at national level. Soros supported the Pew Center on the States for voter list maintenance practices.

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Source: The True Defender

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