WHOOOA! Did Fox News REALLY Just Do That?!

A poll shows that the popularity of Fox News has faced a dramatical fall

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Many networks who have turned against the former President have faced aversion, and once Fox News did this, it has written its death sentence.

A new poll has shown that its popularity has dramatically fallen.

USA Today released a poll that Trump fans no longer prefer Fox News as several years ago, or in numbers ” the last poll in October 2016 said that 58% of Trump’s followers preferred to watch Fox News” and now, the numbers have fallen on just 34%.

The poll’s statistics have been based on the opinions raised by 1.000 Trump fans, on interviews taken by phone.

As a result, supporters of the former president now turn to more reliable network sources, which in their opinion are One American News Network and Newsmax, with the majority choosing the latter.

These news outlets are only 8 years old but in that short time have managed to greatly improve their standing in conservative circles.

The Suffolk University Political Research Center conducted research which showed:

 “At the time of our October 2016 poll, OANN and Newsmax were barely 2 years old, so they were not offered as options. However, we do not believe that in 2016 they would have been trusted the most by a statistically significant portion of respondents.”

Moreover, those supporting the Newsmax network are convinced that Joe Biden was “illegitimately elected” – a total number of 92%, and about the same number, or, 90% believe that the last elections were illegitimate.

If it continues its policy, it seems that Fox News will soon lose their credibility and importance as a name in the local news reporting.

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