Who Wore it Better? Melania or Hillary? You be The Judge…

It is never easy to win against a “Trump”!

Do you miss our former first lady as much as we do?

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It is always nice to remind you of this strong and gracious, incredibly beautiful woman!

This is why we decided to share a 2017 tweet from Pardes Seleh, who is an Iranian-American independent journalist and vlogger.

Seleh posted side-by-side pictures of Melania and Hillary, similarly dressed. Melania is in a gorgeous “kimona-style” dress and Hillary is wearing an embroiled housecoat.

Seleh wrote:

 “Who wore it best.”

This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Melania Trump, and the answer to this question is more than obvious!

Poor Hillary, she doesn’t stand a chance!

Here are some of the comments about the photos:

“Melania moves with such grace.”

“It’s not about someone’s body. It’s about one of these woman is a devil with an ugly black heart, the other happens to be drop dead gorgeous with a perfect bod”

“What a difference, goodness!”

“Beautiful Melania of course!  Great sense of humor comparing her to the despised squat old hag wearing her sofa’s upholstery. “

“she’s so freakin’ beautiful!”

“Well who do you think? Killary..just”

“DAMN…she’s stunning…how high are those heels…jeez”

“Sort of like comparing a thoroughbred to a mule.”

“Melania could make a burlap sack look good. Hillary looks like a burlap sack.”

“Super model vs the walking dead?”

‘Melania,. But in fairness, she’s 40 years younger and speaks 5 languages fluently… Not just English with a bad southern accent when politically expedient.”

“I’m confused by the comparison. Melania is wearing an elegant Asian inspired couture gown & Hillary’s in a bath robe.”

Having her as our first lady was a true blessing- this woman is truly one in a million.

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