White House Gender Policy Council Approved! Review Of Title IX For How Universities Deal Sexual Harassment! – Biden Orders!

On International Women’s Day, Biden will sign a couple of executive orders which are ‘’uplifting the rights of women and girls in the US.”

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The orders establish The White House Gender Policy Council CPC. Also, it directs the Department of Education to review Title IX regulations placed by Trump. It changes how the universities that receive federal funds deal with sexual assault and harassment accusations.

Biden administration framed the second-order promising to form education free from sexual violence.
Jennifer Klein, a former senior advisor to Hilary Clinton and Julissa Reynoso, Obama’s ambassador to Uruguay, will co-chair the GPC.

Both of them will attend Pskai’s briefing on Monday, and they will answer presses’ questions.

Previously the White House officials announced that the Council will report directly to Biden and will elaborate the following issues:
  • ‘’Combatting systemic bias and discrimination, including sexual harassment
  • Increasing economic security and opportunity by addressing the structural barriers to women’s participation in the labor force, decreasing wage and wealth gaps, and addressing the caregiving needs of American families and supporting care workers, predominantly low-paid women of color
  • Ensuring access to comprehensive health care and preventing and responding to gender-based violence
  • Promoting equity and opportunity in education and leadership
  • Advancing gender equality globally through diplomacy, development, trade, and defense, and by recognizing the needs and roles of women and girls in conflict prevention, peacebuilding, democratic rights-respecting governance, global health, and humanitarian crises and development assistance.’’
The White House stated on Monday. You can read it below.

“A year into COVID-19, women are still contending with the public health crisis, and ensuing economic crisis, and on top of those challenges, a caregiving crisis. The pandemic has exacerbated barriers that have held back women, especially women of color, forcing many to leave the workforce, manage virtual schooling, and absorb additional caregiving responsibilities.”

Also, they stated that Biden’s aware that America needs a government-wide focus on increasing women’s rights in the US. He is mindful that we need to restore America to be the champion for gender equity and equality.

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