Whistleblowers Step Up To Talk About Deadly Vaccines – Scarred To Tell The Whole Story

They got used to all the death threats coming their way

You can’t even imagine the number of threats these people have received in the past. They have to deal with huge pressure and the situation gets worse every day. They deal with this on a daily basis and their work places are even worse.

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Peace should come at no price, but some people have to pay for it. Sadly, there are people who have to pay a certain price to leave peacefully.

We have another video for you. This time Owen talks to Stew Peters of Red Voice media. The interview is pretty explosive and it touches topics like “vaccine injury deaths” and major coverups. The mainstream media ignores all the coverups lately and they work in favor of the far left. Well, we are used to the situation. We are well aware of the fact that the mainstream media is hiding all the bad things liberals do to cover up their crime.

“This brave whistleblower bravely comes forward and exposes the deadly side of the vaccines this current government is forcing on the populace and what the long-term effects could be.”

Watch the video here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The situation goes way deeper than this interview. Our current government has done so many shady deals and Joe Biden is at the very beginning of this presidency. We can’t even imagine the end. Donald Trump should return before it’s too late. Biden is leading the country in the wrong direction. Well we know that he follows the scenario they had planned in terms of the whole plannedemic. Double masking, social distance, quarantine, vaccines… What’s next on the list? The White House is already planning to announce the next quarantine. The CDC plans to keep unvaccinated people away from their friends and family. This horror won’t end here.

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Source: The True Defender

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