Whistleblower: LA Port Worker: Shortages Are FAKE!

What’s the truth behind the whole thing?

They say shelves in stores are empty. Are you concerned about the possible good shortages?

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World leaders have warned about the problem, and they all believe that COVID-19 lockdowns led to this terrible situation. They even said that good shortages will be even worse in winter months.

A few months ago, the increase in lumber prices increased the cost of building homes. The average has hit $30,000.

Prices dropped, but the National Association of Homebuilders warned Joe Biden that prices will go up this fall. Expect another increase in the spring of 2022.

America exports a lot of food but Americans struggle with shortages. Guess what… There aren’t containers to ship the goods. A cargo container holds 35,000 books and it costs $2,500 for shipment. The price has reached $25,000.

We are dealing with a global crisis. The UK government has warned its citizens of gas shortages. There’s a huge demand for shipping containers to the US in China that return to this country without loading up with American goods.

Enter this whistleblower. Their identity will remain secret to protect their job and family.

According to this person, the shortages are intentional.

The person wrote to Stew Peters Show to warn everyone about the crisis. We have an advice for you. Spend your money wisely!

Check out this video.

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Source: The True Defender

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