Which States Are Saying No To The Vaccine Passport?

Florida and Texas are the first states that declared they aren’t accepting the vaccine passports.

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After their statements, many other states followed their example.

Liberty is precious!

What do you think about the freedom to go wherever you want without showing any documentation of your ‘’health’’?

Today, six states in the U.S. refused to accept the COVID vaccine passports!

According to our sources, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Tennessee are the six states brave enough to stand up for good old-fashioned American freedom.

Soon we will see if the list will get larger.

However, if we analyze the situation, we can guess which states will accept and which will refuse this new passport.

Human Right mustn’t be a partisan issue, but liberals and democrats hate human liberty!

See below.

Forbes covered this story.

”Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte (R) signed an executive order Wednesday to ban the state and businesses from mandating vaccine passports, making Montana the fifth state to denounce the passes that allow holders to prove they’ve been vaccinated against coronavirus—joining Idaho, Texas, Florida and Utah—as Republicans continue to ramp up a political culture war issue.

Gianforte, who signed the executive order from isolation after testing positive for coronavirus last week, said he would still “strongly encourage” his constituents to receive a vaccine but said he won’t allow vaccine passports in Montana to protect “individual liberty and personal privacy.”

It’s a sentiment he shares with Idaho Gov. Brad Little (R), who issued an order Friday banning state government entities from requiring proof of coronavirus vaccination to receive public services, in which he noted vaccines are the “best shot at protecting jobs and saving lives.”

Also, The Epoch Times shared some details about Tennessee’s fight.

”The Tennessee Senate passed a bill that aims to ban so-called “vaccine passports” on a state level.

The legislation would also take away public health powers from county boards of health.

The bill, named SB0858/HB0575, is sponsored by state Sen. Janice Bowling and state Rep. John Ragan, both Republican.

If the bill makes it through the state House, it will depend on the governor to sign it into law.

Tennessee’s Republican Governor Bill Lee expressed his disapproval for vaccine passports earlier this month on Twitter.

“I oppose vaccine passports. The COVID-19 vaccine should be a personal health choice, not a government requirement,” Lee said.”

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