Where’s The Outrage? BLM, Antifa Protesters Threaten To ‘Burn’ DC Down If They Don’t Get What They Want

Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters are still making headlines with their “activism”

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Police officers are trying to keep the situation under control. However, protesters always find a way to surprise us all. It seems like they enjoy antagonizing the police. As if this was not enough, they also yell at passersby.

“DC Queer and Trans Black History Month March and Rally.”

They were really loud about this one. Total Liberation Collective and the Palm Collective organized the protest.

So, supporters marched through neighborhoods and threatened everyone.

“Black lives, they matter here!”

“If we don’t get it, burn it down!”

In other words, they threatened to burn down the city.

“We are here tonight because black lives matter,” protesters said. “Despite black lives mattering, black people are still dying at the hands of the police paid for by our tax dollars.”

That’s not all. They also shouted their regular anti-police chant. Police officers had to protect restaurants. 

At one point in the protest, rioters got pretty violent.

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Liberals did not say a word. They did not even mention the protest. The mainstream media did the same. They were all silent. Loud reporters are often called “racists.”

Some African-American activists criticized the BLM movement as a Marxist terrorist organization that’s trying to weaponize white guilt and black resentment to destabilize the country and destroy our values.

Civil rights pioneer Clarence Henderson criticized BLM. According to Henderson, BLM is not a legitimate civil rights movement.

“They are Marxists,” Henderson told Fox Business in August. “Their intentions are to tear down the fabric of America.”

Carol Swain, an attorney and retired professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton, agreed with Henderson. She is convinced that Democrats manipulate the movement to boost their own power.

“It’s part of the cultural Marxist agenda against America,” Swain told Fox News host Mark Levin in June.

“[Democrats] are using black people to advance a radical agenda that will be destructive to our nation, that will hurt all of us. And it’s hurting us right now.”

Democrats do their best to shut down Donald Trump’s supporters.

Levin shared his take on the situation.

“Was it not the Democrat Party that led the Confederacy?” he asked. “Was it not the Democrat Party that gave birth to the Klan? Was it not the Democrat Party that throughout 100 years after the Civil War led the effort on segregation and Jim Crow and poll taxes and literacy tests?”

Swain had more to say.

“The Democrats also fought against the anti-lynching laws,” she said. “[Since the 1960s] the Democrats have been manipulating black people for a long time. And they pay off the leaders. … Nothing good trickles down to the masses.

“The Democratic Party has stood in the way of black progress. It’s standing in the way right now.”

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