When Psaki Leaves, This “Bad Biden Poll Results” Response Should Be Included In Her List Of Failures

Not even a year has passed, and Biden did so many terrible things!

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Why he has a press secretary for the WH? They can’t help hiding the truth, but they are spinning it for the media press!

Jen Psaki, the current WH Press Secretary, should leave her coveted job! She will sell her behind the podium failure greatest hints, and it will go platinum. Her list of euphemism for failure and disaster excuses are a real comedy!

Bear in mind that we aren’t even through year one of this fake presidency!

One person said: “Jimmy Carter was a terrible president, but he was incompetent, not evil. Obama was evil and did more to destroy the country long-term. Joe is evil and incompetent and will probably inflict more damage than either of them. I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

Very soon, the Dems won’t be able to hind all the deaths due to the C-19 vaccine because the number of fully vaccinated hospitalized individuals is only getting higher!

Many people think that the breakthrough cases are a small percentage!

Those are all lies shared by the MSM to promote the vaccination!

However, many people are furious because they saw the brutal reality! People, the vaccines are causing the pandemic! They are bioweapon aiming for depopulation!

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