What Media And Dems Are Doing To “Spin” AZ Audit Was Just Perfectly Explained In One Short And Simple Tweet

The Dems and MSM with the old trick spin the AZ audit results.

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As expected, the Democrats, in collaboration with the mainstream media, are trying to spin the narration with the AZ audit results in their favor. With their statements and articles, they want to confuse the people.
However, we are here to share the truth, quick and easy.

The AZ didn’t prove that Biden won the 2020 election! So, I can’t understand how they make it look like it did.
The MSM used the same trick they invented when the election was over and claimed there wasn’t voter fraud.

These two say that the recounted ballots number was almost the same as the original ballot count, which is incorrect. Yes, but if we look at the quality of the ballots, we will have completely different results.

The AZ audit presented similar ballot counts with the 2020 election. But, the quality of the ballots wasn’t the same. There were a lot of illegal ballots.

The Dems and the MSM continued pushing their narrative.

However, this tweet from one Trump supporter tells the truth and describes everything very simply.

The ballots number is insignificant until we don’t see how many legal votes were!

We concluded that there were thousands and thousands of fraudulent ballots regarding the audit results, but time will tell us everything.

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