What Just Happened To Lisa Murkowski Is A Complete And Total Political Collapse…And She Deserves It…

Lisa Murkowski reached the bottom of her political career.

She is a Trump Hater, and she will end her political career. It is a total collapse! Regarding her numbers, there isn’t a way for going back!

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Lisa was on a downward spiral since she wanted to convict Trump in the second impeachment sham. There was a decline, but now she reached the lowest bottom.

Breitbart shared that Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s favorability rating with the state’s Republicans has plummeted to six percent. But, her unfavorable rating with the same people is a whopping 84 percent.

Alaska’s population is unfavorable towards Murkowski with 59 percent, and 26 percent are favorable.
The worse news is with independents. 52% of independents have an unfavorable view of her, and only 32 percent say favorable.

The pollster, Change research shared that “By contrast, 85% of Republicans view former President Trump favorably.”

From these numbers, people can’t come back!

However, this is great news, and we can flip a seat and become stronger. One RINO down, we will continue to fight!

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