What Did Gen. Flynn Tell The Crowd At Save America Patriot Rally?

If you fight, take Gen. Flynn as an example.

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He visited Bradenton, Florida, and delivered a speech to more than 1,000 patriots in the DeSoto Square mall parking.

His first words were ‘’Trump’s the President, right?’’

The crowd immediately responded with applause and cheers.

Gen. Flynn immediately moved to the point of his visit and speech, urging the crowd to get involved in their communities. According to him, now is the time to fight for our freedom, not complain!

It wasn’t the end of his speech. Flynn called out the election fraud from the 2020 election and that the Dems want to stop the Maricopa County audit because they sent more than 70 lawyers there, linked to the Clinton’s.

However, Flynn wasn’t the only one from the famous people to speak on this issue. Roger Stone also surprisingly appeared at the event.

The Bradenton Herald shared more information about this story.

More than 1,000 people gathered early Saturday in the Desoto Square mall parking lot, well before former National Security Advisor and Gen. Mike Flynn was due to speak, and they just kept coming.

American flags and flags featuring former President Donald Trump clapped in the morning breeze as the first of more than a dozen speakers took the stage at the “Save America Rally,” sponsored by Trump Train Manatee.

Behind the scenes, Flynn arrived to a small VIP crowd. Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was already mingling.

“it’s a real serious time for the country,” Flynn said. “And I appreciate all the people who are out here today. It’s really, really important. Who we represent is the American patriot, the American citizen who is looking at our country and saying we got a lot of responsibilities that people are going to have to take to get our individual freedoms back.”

Flynn told Americans to keep a distance from the Dems who use the terms progressiveness or liberalism because they advocate socialism, Marxism, and communism.

Below you can hear part of Flynn’s speech.

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