What Did Biden Just Say?! Do You Hear: “My Butt’s Been Wiped!”

Joe Biden is having a hard time doing his job

Our “great” President is going through a nightmare. The whole thing started with his CNN town hall. It was a disaster. People hated it. No one watched him. Biden’s speech was awful. Ratings went down. Send this man to a nursing home!

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Now we have a former White House doctor making a prediction.

This person predicted that Biden will be removed from the White House through the 25th Amendment.

Days go by, and Biden feels worse than ever.

The old man is back in the White House. Before he entered it, Biden stopped for a short convo with the media.

What happened next? He said, “My b*tt’s been wiped!”

Really, Mr. President?

The whole thing was caught by cameras and the video went viral.

Why did Biden say this? He admitted that his b*tt has been wiped. Who wiped it?

You can watch the whole video as much as you want, but it won’t make things any better for you.

We didn’t take this out of context.

Biden makes his shocking comment at the 2:50 mark.

Twitchy reported the following:

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President Joe Biden took one question from reporters when he returned to the White House this afternoon after *another* weekend in Delaware but we have no idea WTF he said at the start of the exchange.

It’s a mystery!

Or maybe it was, “my butt’s been wiped”?:

And remember when then-President Trump walked down a ramp slowly and it was a multi-day story?

This is more than a gossip. We are not making fun of him. We are not mean. Americans are just concerned about the future of our country.

If Biden really said that his b*tt has been wiped, it would be safe to assume that he can’t go to the bathroom by himself.

In other words, his cognitive health has declined.

Loss of bowel control, remember?

Here’s more from Aging Care:

Incontinence is a condition that is often difficult for a person to accept and deal with. Many seniors try to ignore this new development and carry on with their lives, but a head-in-the-sand approach usually draws more attention to the problem. There are ways to encourage a loved one to address this issue, but they require patience, understanding and a commitment to upholding your loved one’s dignity.

“My parent won’t wear adult diapers and it drives me nuts!”

This is a common complaint from family caregivers whose loved ones are suffering from incontinence, and I absolutely sympathize. However, one glaring piece of this sentence stands out to me: the word “diaper.”


If denial, obliviousness and depression aren’t factors in your loved one’s refusal to partake in continence care, a dementia screening might be the next step. It doesn’t matter who tries to reason with them or how they go about it. If cognitive decline is a factor, a senior may no longer be capable of making sound decisions about wearing incontinence products, changing their clothing or other important self-care tasks. Make a doctor’s appointment for a full evaluation whenever new or worsening memory issues or signs of dementia appear. Early diagnosis is crucial for adequate planning and care.

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