WH Spokesperson Tries A Spin Twist -Repubs Want Higher Inflation To Undermine Pandemic Response

Dems are professionals when we talk about projections; they constantly accuse the political adversaries of doing what they are doing.

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This Thursday, the latest event occurred when Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre accused the Republicans of secretly rooting for the inflation to blame Biden for his terrible economy!

Of course, we couldn’t expect anything less than this!

“Republicans are deliberately working to undermine the pandemic response, openly advocating for higher inflation,” she stated.

They are following their ‘’recipe’’ for managing every situation! When Trump was the President, they did everything in their power to discredit the President!

Let’s say the Republicans donned cheerleader clothes and brandished pom-poms to support roaring inflation, but that’s not a guarantee that precisely that would happen.

The Biden Admin’s terrible policies are the ones that caused the increasing inflation. Also, no one would want inflation to skyrocket; everyone is affected by it!

Furthermore, Biden stated that the ‘’buck stops with me’’ while defending the terrible Afghanistan pullout. We can conclude that he accepted the responsibility for the consequences of his harmful policies.

Once he made the assertion, Biden has put the responsibility for his mistakes on other people.

Jean Pierre’s claims were harshly criticized on the Twitter platform.


When Trump was the President, the Democrats blamed him for everything bad that would have happened to America!

Let’s take a look at this bizarre accusation. Lena Dunham, one far-left wing actress, baled Trump for her weight loss in February 2017.


In March 2017, Barbara Streisand blamed the then-president for her weight gain.

Jean Pierre’s charges show much more about the Dems inability to handle defeat!

The Dems took advantage of the pandemic in the run-up to the 2020 election and used it as a stick to beat Trump!!!


Last year, right after the pandemic outbreak, CNN placed a 24h pandemic ‘’death tracker’’ to show that Trump has failed to manage the health crisis.

We weren’t surprised!

The WH is in chaos, and the Dems’ terrible policies are guilty of the skyrocketing inflation, crime waves, border crisis, etc.

Republicans and their supporters constantly pressure president Biden to take some action and solve the situation! However, no one listens to them!

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