We Knew It Was Bad News When The Obamas Joined It: Netflix is Hemorrhaging Subscribers as They Push More and More “Woke” Content

A soon as the Obamas joined the ranks, everyone knew it won’t turn out well!

Just take a look at the things they are pushing:

This is just insane!

Many have expected it since recently that Netflix will go off the “woke” rails and alienated itself from the normal American people.

So, here it is- as the offensive “wake” content keeps piling up, the streaming giant is hemorrhaging subscribers at a shocking rate.

According to Breitbart, Netflix lost almost a half-million subscribers in the U.S. and Canada during the second quarter in a surprising consumer rebuke since they keep embracing left-wing politics and woke content, including a new slate of programming from Barack and Michelle Obama.

This just adds up to the growing public disenchantment with paid streaming services in general, as Americans seem to be fed up with rising prices and over-hyped content while embracing other forms of entertainment after the lockdown due to the pandemic.

According to the streamer, they lost 430,000 subscribers domestically for the period, the first time it has bled subscribers in two years when it lost 100,000 subscribers during the second quarter of 2019. Wall Street considers subscriptions as the main indicator of Netflix’s financial health as it is the best gauge of the company’s future cash flow.

Yet, do not expect the “wokesters” at Netflix to blame their twisted and failed progressive agenda for this recent massive loss of subscribers.

It makes no sense to blame COVID for it, but they keep their stance.

Think about it, aren’t more people sitting at home doing nothing, more than ever before?

Yet, American consumers are now re-evaluating their relationships with Netflix post-lockdown.

One recent survey demonstrated that almost one-third of respondents intend to cancel the streaming services they are currently using once the U.S. fully reopens.

Among respondents seeking to cancel their streaming services, 46 percent reported Netflix is getting canceled, while 34 percent said Hulu, and another 34 percent said Amazon Prime.

Netflix maintains that its loss is a result of seasonality and the already large size of its North American customer base. They did not mention their increasingly left-wing content as well as the openly partisan public positions its executives have taken in recent months.

Okay, keep pursuing your wicked agendas, and we’ll keep watching your numbers nose-dive.



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