‘We Don’t Like Cuomo Now,’ Says Every Late-Night Host In Perfect Robotic Unison

Americans are united in their opinion now

Sources report that dozens of people in America sat down last night to hear late-night talk show hosts criticizing Cuomo’s actions.

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Some of the viewers noticed the hosts even opened up their quite humorous monologues with the same peculiar phrases.

They all said, with a distant look and even a robotic delivery:

“We don’t like Cuomo anymore. He used to be good, but now he’s bad. You used to like him, but now you don’t. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

All of the viewers laughed!

“Wow, Governor Cuomo is bad. We don’t like him now!”- all of them agreed.

As the experts claim, Governor Cuomo has been officially labeled as bad by everyone, even though just before a few short weeks, many believed he was good.

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Source: babylonbee.com

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