Watch: Worst Part Of Afghanistan Nightmare Is Actually This July 8th Video Of Biden Speaking To Press

Jimmy Carter moment on steroids!

This moment will hunt Biden for the rest of his life! Biden’s complete presidency is funny, not only this of Afghanistan, and it was only the cherry on the cake,

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During his presidency, he is constantly making mistakes! A complete failure.

His progressive policies are the same as Obama’s that the Americans tried to avoid! With Trump, we realized that not everything has to be that way!

We won’t allow the same thing to happen all over again!

The border situation is a crisis, an epic one! But, he says that the problem is under control, but not it is our worst nightmare!

Seven months ago, we had independent energy, and now we can’t even tell what our name is!

China against the ropes, and now, they will return and eat Biden’s lunch!

The gas prices reached the sky, and inflation is soaring! Vaccine hesitancy is another problem due to Biden’s mixed messages.

However, whatever happens, it can’t be worse than July 8, 2021, when Biden stood in front of Americans and told them that he wouldn’t allow helicopters to fly over the Kabul embassy!

See below:

What is happening in Afghanistan is like Siagon!

UH-60 helicopters on rescue missions are over the Kabul embassy!

See below:

This is what a total foreign policy disaster looks like, but Biden is eating ice cream at Camp David!

We are back to the old failed policies that Trump saved us in the past!

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