WATCH: Woman Tears Apart Communist Propaganda On NYC Subway

For those who have never been to NY, the subway system is covered with Communist propaganda. So dating apps normalize sexual promiscuity. Brands like Old Navy promote body equality, and obesity is the major contributor to C-19 severe complications.

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Precisely what ”equality” masks is the thing that divides and conquers. People know this but ignore it.
It is courageous of this woman to stand up and say those things.

Check it out:

If you can’t read the ads, below you can see what it was about:

They weren’t on this car, but you can find signs all over the platform.

De Blasio wants to normalize the masks whenever surrounded by people. According to him, we have to forger smiling at people and socialization. People around us should impose a threat on us, right?

Well, hell no!

Infowars reported:

In the video circulating on social media, an Asian woman is shocked to see ads for online dating app OkCupid promoting sexual promiscuity and the LGBTQ movement displayed prominently in the subway car.

“Gross, all this is gross. I mean, for kids to be looking at this, is that ok?” the woman asks people around her after tearing down one sign.

“No, it’s not,” a woman filming agrees, as another person adds, “normalizing,” and another says they’re “desensitizing.”

The woman then sets her sights on ads on the other side of the subway car from the Old Navy clothing company promoting body equality.

“It’s not about equality guys, it’s about communism,” the woman tells other subway riders, adding that most Covid hospitalized patients are overweight.

“They’re coming for your children folks,” a man helping her tear down the signs says.

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