WATCH: Woman Savagely Attacked At Little Caesars In Georgia

The Police search for Brittany Kennedy, 25, because she is a suspect that brutally attacked a white woman in a Little Caesars restaurant in Augusta, Georgina. The incident took place this Monday.

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Kennedy’s six-year-old daughter tried to pull the victim, a 22-year-old Emily Broadwater, as the mother attacked her. The terrible incident was recorded on camera.

Emily Broadwater was in the Little Caesars when Brittany Kennedy entered the restaurant and started talking to her. Then, Emily’s chair was pulled over, making her fall on the floor. Then, Kennedy grabs the woman’s hair and drags her across the floor, smacking the woman’s face.

Consequently, the victim had cuts, bruises, a black eye, and a swollen face. She was immediately treated but declined to go with the ambulance to the hospital.

According to Facebook posts, the victim was the new girlfriend of the child’s father. Probably Kennedy was upset about this situation, so she threatened the victim on social media.

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