Donald Trump is still here

For those who question Trump’s leadership, please, watch this video below.

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Trump is no longer part of the White House. Joe Biden stole the elections and took oath in office. Well, guess what… Trump is still here, and he is making an impact.

This video is pretty much everything you need to see. Trump is our real president. He doesn’t need to be in the White House to lead the country. People still count on his support and leadership.

We have counted at least 20 police vehicles in the video. The question is next. Who is your president?

Here are the best comments we spotted on social media:

  • “Everyone knows who the people prefer 
  • “Former yeah right….”
  • “80 million votes”….. “Most popular President ever” Ok.
  • “Dementia Joe can only wish he was this popular. 80+ million votes. Lmao”
  • “Because we all know he is still the president”

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Source: The True Defender


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