WATCH: Whistleblower Reveals 5 JetBlue Pilots DIED From February-May 2021


Last month, we reported on the deaths of 4 British Airways pilots within seven days. Well, the company and far-left media didn’t say a word about this. They didn’t address the immunization status of the dead pilots.

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If people find out that experimental jabs kill healthy pilots, they will start panicking and ditch the jabs.

Guess what… All the pilots had received their COVID-19 jab.

A whistleblower from another company made some shocking claims. The person works at JetBlue Airways, and claims that 5 pilots had died between February and May of 2021.

This is really awkward. Five people died within a few months. All from the same company…

The airline didn’t say the word about the immunization of its employees.

They even tried to shut down the notion that COVID-19 jabs killed these people.

Here’s the report from the Stew Peters Show on Rumble.

Clif High used the perfect word to describe this… “Vaxxidents.” He has been talking about this for a month. According to him, a lot more people will die after receiving the jab.

Clif knows how to make the right comments at the right time. He was right about this!

The airline industry forced employees to get the unapproved jab. Their employees are dying now….

In one of his videos, High explained why COVID vaccines are so dangerous. They do terrible things inside our bodies.

At the end of his video, Clif gave us a few tips on how to protect ourselves from those who “shed” the spike protein. Did you get the vaccine? Don’t worry, Clif knows how you can recover and reclaim your heath.

Another interview between Greg Hunter and High offers stronger direction.

Of course, we all know that Clif is not a doctor. But, he is always right about things.

In 2018, High said that Bitcoin would go up to $64,000 and stop. He warned us that this would be the $64,000 dollar question. High also said it bitcoin would drop by half its’ value before going up at $100,000.

During his appearance on Hunter’s show, High shared his advice to those who want to reclaim their health after taking their jab.

The video is available on Rumble.

Vaccinated people need big doses of the right kind of Vitamin C, 10-15,000 IU’s of Vitamin D to strengthen heir blood levels, and then High recommends C60.

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