Watch: Well, It’s Official, Rosie’s New Video Clip Proves President Trump BROKE Her For Good

Rosie O’Donnell was quite a Karen back in the days

O’Donnell couldn’t stop talking. She was all over the media! Oh, O’Donnell was the loudest Trump hater out there.

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Well, we all get what we deserve, right?

O’Donnell deals with so many issues right now. She is irrational and twisted! Why did she get involved in politics?

Karen hated Trump more than anything in this world and this hatred destroyed her. The once-popular comedian turned into a crazy mess.

As you may be guessing, O’Donnell spoke her mind about the Roe v Wade ruling. Just take a look at this empty woman…

We are fed up! This lady should take a step back and stay in the back for good.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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