Watch: We Now Have Video Of Mom/Teacher Who Stuffed Her Teen In Car Trunk Over COVID Fear

The media successfully drove half of this country to barge mad with non-stop C-19 fear spread.

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There are numerous people who think that if they catch C-19, it’s a death sentence.

That isn’t true. If you are a healthy or semi-healthy person, then the survival rate is 99.8%. It’s a burger on steroids.

The virus has been known as a society killer for more than two years, petrified people.

They are sketchy because the death with C-19 numbers and the “died from” C-19 numbers are two different things.

They throw everything off and make things look a helluva lot worse than they are.

We aren’t saying that C-19 isn’t dangerous and doesn’t affect many people, it does, but the C-19 isn’t affecting the young, healthy, and semi-healthy people.

Why are healthy and semi-healthy young people freaking out?

It is because of the marketing job from the media and the way they are playing with the numbers.

Fear is the best way to boost the vaccine business.

One mother and a teacher from Texas were so scared of her kid having C-19, she put the kid into the truck and drove her to the testing facility.

The mom was charged with child endangerment.

Fox News reported that a Houston mother faces charges after the kid was found in the trunk of her car.

Sarah Beam, 42, a Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District teacher, is charged with felony endangering a child.

“CFPD was alerted that a child was in the trunk of a car at a drive-thru COVID-19 testing site earlier this week,” a Cy-Fair ISD stated. “Law enforcement conducted a full investigation, resulting in a warrant for arrest.”

The incident happened at a testing site at Pridgeon Stadium. The district director of health services spoke to a Cy-Fair police officer. She was gathering data from vehicles in line for C-19 testing when she confessed that the child was in the trunk of her car.

Beam told Gordon that the child was previously infected with C-19, so she put her in the trunk to protect her.
Gordon saw that the girl was in the trunk lying down. Gordon called the police and returned to the car; the kid wasn’t harmed.

Beam is a teacher on administrative leave!

Take a look at the video below.


Many people say that C-19 isn’t real and it is only a fraud, but I don’t agree with it! It’s here, and it’s real!

But, many people are paranoiac and do such crazy things! The survival rate is 99.8%.

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