Watch Video Of Obama Dancing On Stage At Bday Bash Surfaces…Party Looks Like A Packed Vegas Nightclub

Barack Obama reminds us of a packed NYC or Vegas nightclub!

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I guess I am sorry for this country’s elites.

Maybe it is because of the ‘’let them eat cake’’ attitude or their hypocrisy, but something bothers me a lot.

Barack’s 60th birthday was a gathering of every progressive elite who’s been calling us Nazi and racists for long five years. Now, they are partying without masks. We are with masks whenever outside, and lockdowns are knocking on our doors.

I don’t know how to describe the hypocrisy anymore!

Maybe you will think of another description of the actions of those who were supposed to be our example, the one we have to follow!

Below you can see part of the atmosphere from the b-day party. Obama Is dancing like there is no Delta Virus!

Maybe it is true; perhaps the virus doesn’t attack the elite!

Barack Obama, you don’t have to worry. The mainstream media will not share this! But we can see this and see your faces, but we cannot choose which one we should look at, you have so many of them.

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