WATCH: Vaccinated Italians Burn Their Vaccine Passports To Unite With Unvaccinated

It’s our battle against the system

Elitists, politicians, and fake platforms have divided people in the worst way possible. They tried to divide people to gain power. Divide et impera. Remember?

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Stop fighting with your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues… It’s time to beat the globalist agenda. It’s time to beat those who want us to fight. You are not any different than people around you. We are all the same.

When united, people can do whatever they want, like fight the plan for global dominance.

There’s a nice video from Italy and it will blow your mind. Italians became aware of the destructive game plan and opposed it. They have recognized the real enemy.

Italy is one of the few European countries to push vaccine passports on citizens.

“Green Passes.” The Italian government now wants to ban unvaccinated individuals from facilities and events.

What did Italians do? They flooded the streets to protest.

Some Italians have received the experimental jab, but even they are taking a stand against the system.

Decent Italians defy the Nazi-like segregation policy. Vaccinated individuals decided to burn their Green Passes in an act of solidarity with unvaccinated citizens.

Watch this video:

It’s up to you to make a decision. Want to get the jab? Fine. Don’t want it? Fine again. No one should ever force you to receive an unapproved vaccine. We all know that vaccine passports are the gateway to a Chinese-social social credit score system.

Resist the tyranny and stop the one-world globalist agenda.

This is great! People are making a good move and this is a good example for those who support elitists. We don’t need someone to tell us that we won’t be able to enter banks, post offices, agencies just because we didn’t get the vaccine. It’s our life… We get to decide what happens to it.

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