Watch: Trump Put Up Very Creative And HUGE Meme Slamming Bush And Liz Cheney On His Rally Jumbotron

Trump’s meme was EPIC!

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Last night Trump had his first rally after the AZ released the forensic audit results in Perry, Georgia. Another rally and proof that Biden is a liar and fraud!

Below you can see how many people gathered together to support Trump:

Trump discussed the bombshell audit results, which exposed the fraud done in the 2020 election.

Trump rally wouldn’t be the same without slamming the enemies. He didn’t disappoint us this time! The two greatest enemies, Liz Cheney and GW Bush!

President Trump used a meme made by one supporter. It is a mashup of Liz and GW Bush’s faces in one person, showing us that they are the same warmongering globalist!

Trump used that meme and shared it so everyone could see it!

Below you can see the original meme.

A great image that perfectly describes the establishment portion of the Republican Party!

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