Watch: Trump-Biden Side-By-Side G-7 Video Shows Proof Of How Weak America Is Under Joe

Joe Biden should go home

This 12-second video is everything you need to know about our country and the way Joe Biden handles it. One thing stands for sure, Biden should go to a nursing home.

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Strong leaders make strong countries. Biden is a weak person and he struggles with dementia.

It’s time to make a change. This man is unable to lead our country. He can’t even walk! Our “lovely” President shuffles with his head down. He takes baby steps and you can notice the uncertainty in his body language.

The President looked dazed and confused throughout the entire event. He cannot even make a sentence.

Our country is led by a complete freak. He has to go home!

The world won’t respect our country because we are led by a weak person.

Check out this video. You will notice the difference between Donald Trump and Dementia Joe right away.

Biden was lost at the G-7.

There’s also a photo:

Need more? This is the only proof you need. Maybe those who voted Biden will learn their lesson. So pathetic… Did those 82 million people really vote for this person?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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