Watch: Trucker BLASTS HORN While Filming Crowds Cheering On Massive “Anti-Vax Mandate” Convoy

Pure joy…

Americans get really loud when it comes to opposing Joe Biden’s mandates. People will no longer stay quiet and let the so-called President destroy our country. We are witnessing similar scenario in other parts of the world

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An anti-vaxx protest in Canada got the attention it deserves.

The whole thing happened in Canada. A convoy of truckers made its way to Ottawa to join a mass protest against vaxx mandates. We have never seen a longer line of big truckers than this one…

These guys were driving from New Brunswick to Ottawa.

Canada is dealing with a huge problem at the moment. However, their elitists do their best to ignore the problem.

Justin Trudeau faces serious backlash…

Millions of people have opposed vaxx mandates. “Enough is enough!”

Let’s hope that these truckers will be able to save the day. They are our heroes!

Crowds and truckers have joined forces to go against elitists and politicians who play their roles in the plannedemic.


This is the sound of freedom!

We want our lives back!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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