Watch: This Man Took a Selfie Pic Every Day For 21 Years and Made a Video of Himself Aging

This is one of the coolest and most “haunting” things I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life…

I found this video on the internet and it was so amusing to me, so I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

Every single day for 21 years, one man took a selfie picture of himself, in order to show himself aging.

He made a video of all the photos he took so you can literally watch him age in “quick time” over the 7,777 days.

His name is Noah Kalina, and this has been a labor of love and discovery.

Bored Panda reported that Noah Kalina is a photographer from New York who has had exhibitions throughout the world and worked for some of the most influential companies and publications. Kalina also takes a selfie looking at the camera with a neutral expression every day, and it’s this simple project that has become his most famous work.

He decided to pick up this habit on January 11, 2000, when he was 19, taking the photos with a camera with a reversible viewfinder. In 2006, the project, called Everyday, went viral for the first time, to the extent that it was spoofed on The Simpsons and huge companies were contacting him to make appearances and share the idea with them. Kalina went on to give an update in 2012.

Take a look:

This is what people on the internet are saying about this unique (and sort of creepy) video:

“Can’t believe you still do this mate. I remember seeing the first vid you did. I’m glad I chose to subscribe all those years ago. It’s kinda depressing seeing how much we change though lol”

“That’s amazing, he started taking pictures everyday since before I was born. And I’m 18 !”

“Your videos motivated me to make a time-lapse too. And thanks to the Dark series, I chose to start on November 4th, 2019, and every year on November 4th, I’m posting a video. November 4, 2021, turns 2 years old, and new video too. At the moment, I have 618 days and 618 photos.”

“Takes some serious dedication for this. Looking forward to 30 years mate! Also, love the style of this video.”

“Father Time does not give one shit, does he? He is undefeated. Brilliant work, it’s even better of x2 speed.”

“Wow, I started to do that 20 years ago, but I stopped after a few months. It requires a lot of dedication to keep doing it every day.”

This is a very interesting piece of art. I hope you liked it, too.



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