Watch: This Is Probably One Of The Best And Funniest CNN Parody Videos You’ll Ever See…

Months have passed since Jeffrey Toobin embarrassed himself in front of CNN’s audience. He exposed himself in a now-infamous Zoom call and was shunned once his colleagues at the New Yorker saw his intimate bits.

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CNN placed Toobin on leave once the incident happened, but now, they will take him back. Their move is pathetic.

See below.

It is one of the most desperate moves in CNN’s history! Can’t you find another legal analyst?

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He wasn’t so good anyway!

CNN is lambasted all over the place, and it is the right thing, in my opinion!

We have a hilarious parody video that emphasizes how funny CNN is!

In the video, the woman is the CNN producer giving A. Camerota pointers for her interview with Toobin.

Take a look at the video below.

We are all aware that this is CNN’s dumbest decision!

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