Watch This 8-Second Video…Proves White Liberal Women Are The Biggest Danger Facing This Country…

An average white liberal woman acts like this…

That’s what people say.

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We are not even trying to be funny. We are not even mean. It’s time to be serious.

In the past four years, we have seen a lot of videos of liberal women who scream like crazy.

Well, some of them don’t scream. They just howl at the moon. Nothing normal here…

The mainstream media didn’t a word about this. Democrats don’t even think of criticizing these ladies. They act as if this is normal. Wrong!

Screaming just because others like Donald Trump is so wrong. Why are they screaming as if someone was chasing them with a knife?

This is their best shot. They won’t stop doing this. In other words, we have a stereotype.

We came upon a tweet of a horrible white liberal woman screaming like crazy. People like her are the biggest threat to this country and our morals. You have to watch this video.

The poor lady lost her last marbles over DeSantis banning Critical Race Theory in Florida. Be careful, her comments may disturb you.

Watch this video and tells us what you think:

Here’s what people wrote online:

“She’s gonna boil someones bunny”

“A lot of wine and a husband who pays no attention to her “

“The only things she would get from me: Divorce notice Restraining order”

“Banshee’s really do exist… now we also know they are all Liberals!”

“We used to hospitalize our mentally ill…. ” 

Republicans have to solve this problem.

This lady is worse than your typical “Karen.” So disturbing!

White liberal women who scream like crazy are toxic and full of hate. We don’t need their nonsense here.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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