Watch: The Taliban Throw Salt In Joe’s Wounds With This Zany Amusement Park Video

Only the terrorists are having fun under Biden’s regime.

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They were celebrating the humiliating victory over America only in 48 hours. Well, the Taliban took the machine guns and went to the amusement park to have fun!

While Biden struggles with the worst foreign policy debacles on record and gets criticized because he left the people in Afghanistan and turned his back to the people who helped us when we needed help the most, the terrorists are having fun.

Now the Taliban are in the amusement part driving bumper cars!

At least someone is having fun and is satisfied with Biden’s regime.

Watch the video below:

I guess this is Biden’s worst humiliation so far! Because of his foreign policy and his decision to abandon Afghanistan, he faces critics from everyone!

While Americans want to help Afghanistan, the Taliban are killing people and amusing at the bumper cars!

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