WATCH: Texas Man Denied Monoclonal Antibodies Because He’s White

Harrison Smith tweeted one video that went viral where he showed how he was denied the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment because he was white. Some states have broad criteria for this treatment, but other states have race standards.

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The nurse told the man that they either need to be older than 65, struggling with some medical condition, or being black or Hispanic.

We have to emphasize that the man is a young and healthy male. If young and healthy males were of a different race, they would have received the treatment.

So I won’t be able to qualify? What if I smoke?”, Smith asked.

“No, no”, responds the nurse.

“Okay, but if I were black and hispanic, I’d be able to qualify?”, Smith asked.

“Yep,” the nurse replied.

“Okay,” Smith said laughing. “So I’m being denied medical service because of my race”.

This is the list of requirements.

One of the followers called the hotline to see on himself if this was true. The audio is recorded, and you can hear it below.

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