[WATCH] Ted Nugent Drops A Covid Bomb On FB

Ted Nugent strikes again

The rock hero is here to tell you the truth about COVID. The Motor City Madman woke up and jumped straight to business.

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Nugent decided to talk about the Fauci Flu, also known as COVID-19. He is not afraid to speak.

First, he talked about his “gig” in Waco, Texas. Production companies don’t really approve tours and shows. They have canceled pretty much every show.

Nugent is really upset. His COVID-19 rant is all you need to know.

Watch the video here.

Democrats would say this is controversial. But, there’s nothing controversial about the comments Nugent made.

Millions of Americans share the same opinion. The virus is here. We can’t ignore it. But, someone tried to earn money from it and force people to obey their rules. We will no longer believe their lies.

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Source: The True Defender

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