WATCH: State Rep RESIGNS After Attending Mike Lindell’s Symposium

What a big move….

Anne Copp attended Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium. The New Hampshire Rep. says she couldn’t pretend to be a patriot while working in this government any longer.

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Would you blame her for this move?

Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats say there is no evidence of election fraud. But we all know that they stole the elections just to put Joe Biden in the White House. They stole votes and blasted Republicans all while pushing the whole thing under the rug.

Well, election audits have confirmed that Biden really stole the election. There’s evidence supporting the crime.

We have seen and attended many conferences and gatherings. Experts presented strong evidence and their testimony shocked us.

When will the whole thing crash down? One thing stands for sure. We are getting closer to the end. This will end sooner than expected. There’s no other way out.

Lindell’s symposium made our jaws drop. It scratched the surface of something big.

Follow the link to the video of Rep. Anne Copp confirming her resignation:

Copp is a real patriot and we would never blame her. This lady puts service in front of comfort and benefits.

She protested the actions of a local school board:

Hopefully, other people will follow her actions. She is a real American in this fake world. Copp did the best thing for this country and we are grateful for her decision. It was a bold move but she had to do it. Other representatives only care about their profits. Pelosi grabs power but she will have to go home at one point. Unfortunately, Democrats have a backup plan for her, too.

This made us believe that there is still hope for us and our kids. Things will get even better when Donald Trump reclaims the throne. He belongs to the White House. Even Pelosi knows it. Joe Biden is lost in space.

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