WATCH: Southwest Employees Are RISING UP!

Is Southwest Airlines the airline of the people?

Some would say the company has great management. Hard working people who do their best to provide ultimate service.

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Enter Joe Biden’s vax mandate.

We witnessed huge pushback and solidarity. About 1,800 Southwest flights were canceled in a day… Employees followed their code, and they really stand up for their choices.

People will boycott Southwest in solidarity with the employees until the CEO decides to stand up for people who work for him.

The resistance has started:

Becker News has a quote from one of the pilots:

“Consider the argument they’re hearing from Joe Biden: You must get the shot for the sake of people who’ve already gotten the shot because the shots don’t work well enough to protect the people who’ve already gotten them,” he continued.

“That’s what Joe Biden and the entire American health establishment is telling them. So imagine making that argument to an airline pilot, someone whose entire job is based on logic. It is utterly bewildering to them, because it doesn’t make sense. It’s just too unreasonable.”

Fox Business reported that the pilots union asked the court to delay the mandate:

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA) has asked a federal court in Texas for a temporary restraining order to prevent the airline from implementing its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees on Nov. 24.

SWAPA, which represents approximately 9,000 Southwest Airlines pilots, filed a lawsuit on Aug. 30, claiming that Southwest has made unilateral changes that violate the “status quo” provision of the the Railway Labor Act (RLA), which governs relations between airlines and unions, by not maintaining terms of an existing contract during negotiations.

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