Watch: Security Cam Footage From Las Vegas Shows Exactly Why You Don’t Rob A Gun Store…

Robbing a gun store is never a good idea

It’s the last thing you want to do these days. There are so many great things you can do instead.

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A man tried to steal a gun in a Las Vegas gun range. The whole thing was caught on cameras. This man was met by a bunch of great guys with guns. Police officers handled the situation and the man learned his lesson.

The AP reported that the attacker was shot by a Las Vegas police officer. Three shooting range employees stopped him and it didn’t end well for him. The man entered the facility and attacked the officer’s patrol partner using a screwdriver. The information was confirmed by a police official. He attacked the police officer in the parking lot.

The police shot Marvin Payton Jr. He died Friday outside Range 702 after the police shot him 14 times. Assistant Clack County Sheriff Brett Zimmerman shared the info with the media Monday.

Payton’s hometown wasn’t shared in a Clark County coroner report. Police Officer Andrew Nguyen shot him nine times. We don’t know how many times employees shot him.

The injured police office was admitted to a hospital. Doctors treated her stab wounds and the broken facial bone.

Nguyen, 34, has been a police officer since 2018. The police officer “was put on paid leave pending departmental and district attorney reviews” of the attack.

The names of employees remained a secret. They won’t face any charges.

Here’s the video:

“Their involvement actually helped our officer and could have saved our officer’s life,” Zimmerman said.

Why did this man commit this crime? He got what he deserved I guess.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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