WATCH: Pro-Freedom Anthem “This Is A War” Hits #1 On Hip-Hop Charts In Hours

They can’t control our lives

Of course, elitists do their best to censure us and gain full control over our future.

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Well, artists have found a way to protect their freedom.

Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez created a masterpiece and their new song will definitely be your favorite. “This Is A War” is the best piece you will listen these days.

It really is a masterpiece and hit #1 on the iTunes hip-hop chart.

It’s more popular than the ones from Lil Nas and Drake.

This song happened at the right time… We are caught in the middle of a “pandemic.”

Levy and Hi-Rez joined forces for the ultimate music video. They took the streets alongside New Yorkers who fight against vax mandates.

Levy had a message for those who support his work and fight for freedom.

The talented man has already done this before.

He worked with Nitti Gritti and “Matrix” made #2 on world music charts.

Hi-Rez is also thankful for the support he received. He really liked the fact that a lot of people decided to fight for their freedom.

They won’t stop here and yes, they will get even more support from other artists. It’s a movement!

In your face, Joe Biden!

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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